The Doolittle Raid: America’s First Strike Back on Japan

Source: The Doolittle Raid: America’s First Strike Back on Japan


Goats are Good Luck for Navy and the Cubs

NH 122773 Great Lakes Baseball Team, 1918

Great Lakes Baseball Team, 1918. George Halas is in the top row, 5th from the right.

By Martin Tuohy, Archivist, and Dan Smaczny, Contract Curator, National Museum of the American Sailor

Every April, hope springs eternal on baseball’s opening day.  The American entrance into World War I on April 6, 1917, however, plunged the baseball season into a national emergency.  In Chicago, the Cubs baseball team – and the U.S. Navy – responded with fervent patriotism.

On April 12, 1917, six days after U.S. entry into the war, the Navy sent sailors from U.S. Naval Training  Station, Great Lakes to Weeghman Park,

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