The Mother of Naval Station Great Lakes

MoffetBeginning in 1908, when Congress authorized a female Nurse Corps of the United States Navy, women began to officially serve their country in times of both war and peace. Since then, whether they are civilians, enlisted personnel, or Naval officers, the women of Naval Station Great Lakes have etched their places into the history of this base through both word and action.   One of these women is known as the “Mother of Naval Station Great Lakes. Jeanette Whitton Moffett was the wife of Rear Admiral William A. Moffett, commander of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station from 1914 to 1918. She reported to Great Lakes with her husband in September of 1914. Initially, she settled into a ladylike social life and focused her attentions on raising her 6 children, but soon found other outlets for her energies.

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