Hall of Fame Flags

If you have ever had the privilege of attending a Navy boot camp Pass-in-Review (graduation) ceremony, you’ve probably seen each division of Sailors march in carrying their division flag. But some divisions may carry additional flags, such as Battle “E”, CNO, or Hall of Fame.

Flag carried by Company 300 of 1952. In the early 1950s, company flags were blue with white numerals.

The flag carried by Company 300 of 195 was the standard blue and white of the early 1950s.

These flags represent additional honors that the division won during the competitive aspects of training. Excellence in academic achievement, military drill, cleanliness, and athletics can all contribute to a division earning recognition. Competition in these areas encourages teamwork among recruits.

Currently, the Hall of Fame Flag is awarded only to those divisions that achieve an average 4.70 or higher (out of a possible 5.0) on all tests and assessments and have earned all evaluation flags.

The Hall of Fame flag featured was awarded to Company 300 in 1952 when Machinist’s Mate First Class Clarence W. Roszell served as the Company Commander. In order to earn the Hall of Fame flag, Company 300 also had to win the following flags:


  • Five Rooster Flags (the highest weekly award and based upon competition of all lesser flags)
  • Two Regimental Military Drill Flags
  • Three Star Flags (awarded for cleanliness)
  • One “C” Flag (awarded for citizenship)
  • One “I” Flag (awarded for academic success)
  • One “A” Flag (awarded for athletic achievement)

These flags, along with more than 40,000 other artifacts and archival records, enable the National Museum of the American Sailor to fulfill its mission to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of the United States Navy Sailor.

If you have artifacts you believe may be appropriate for the NMAS collection, please download a Donation Proposal Form on our Donating Items to the Collection page.


2 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Flags

  1. Thank you for the Hall Of Fame information, I was one of the sailors in Company 300. I do not know whether or not I was in the picture show, I was leading the Second Battalion during that Parade as the Battalion Commander. I have often wondered if there really was such a thing and having the Company 300 flag retired forever. Any thing else you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Jerry Lee McIntyre.

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