Who’s That Girl?

One challenge facing museums is how to engage visitors of all ages. At the National Museum of the American Sailor, we are expanding our appeal beyond those who have served and their families. We are particularly interested in one specific demographic – those who haven’t served because they are ineligible due to age. The politically correct term for this group is “kids.”


7-20-StandingYounger visitors to the National Museum of the American Sailor will soon have a new, kid-friendly way to experience the museum. The new Junior Sailor Discovery Book is replacing the existing Children’s Activity Book. It will feature activities and games that will help kids learn as it brings them throughout the museum. Kids who complete a certain number of these activities will receive a certificate signed by a museum staff member or volunteer.


The new book will have full color, hand-painted illustrations. Many pages will feature our newest fictional Sailor. Who is she? Well, here’s what we know so far. She’s new to the Navy and she hasn’t quite figured things out yet. She’s eager to learn though. She looks cool in her dress blues. And she rides dragons, of course. Oh, and those long, flowing locks may be fine for the Discovery Book, but if she enlisted, she would be first in line for a haircut.


7-20-DragonThere’s one piece of information missing though. We don’t know her name. Perhaps she’s a young woman of mystery and intrigue, making her way anonymously through the pages of the Discovery Book. Or, maybe, no one has thought of a good name for her yet. Do you have any ideas?

For more information about the museum’s education program go to our website.


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